Suede Leather Shoe Care Bundle

64 SGD 80 SGD

Our suede leather shoe care bundle consists of 3 products that are essential to clean and protect your suede leather footwear:

  1. Famaco Suede Crepe Brush
  2. Famaco Vel Vel Suede Cleaning Shampoo (100ml)
  3. Famaco Eco Protect (Waterproofer Spray) (150ml)

Enjoy 20% off the regular retail price (r.r.p. S$80) of purchasing each item individually when you purchase our smooth leather shoe care bundle.

How to Use Your Suede Leather Shoe Care Bundle

Step 1: REMOVE SURFACE DIRT & DUST - Using the crepe brush, gently brush the surface of the leather, focusing on the areas where there are visible dirt or dust.

Step 2: CLEAN - Using the brush provided, apply the suede cleaning shampoo in small circular motions to clean the suede leather thoroughly and remove any stains.

Step 3: PROTECT - Spray the Eco Protect waterproofer spray in an even layer throughout the entire surface of the shoes, ensuring that no areas have been missed out. Repeat with a second layer for extra coverage.

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