#ThePalolaWay is a hashtag we've created to highlight the special way we handcraft each pair of Palola shoes.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

We believe that some things are just better when done the "old fashioned" way, and it’s the sum of all these little things that makes our shoes look and fit great.⁣⁣⁣⁣

We've combined timeless designs with impeccable materials and craftsmanship, because we believe that these details do matter when it comes to making a great pair of shoes.⁣
Palola Co-Founder Josh Leong
Palola shoe uppers are cut by hand from a single piece of leather, allowing us to take into account foot anomalies, like low ankle bones or bunions, for our made-to-order and group made-to-order shoes.
Palola Premium Leather Shoes
We use full grain vegetable-tanned leather heel stiffeners in all our ballet flats and pumps, which allow our shoes to gently mould to the shape of your heels and provide your feet with adequate arch support at the same time.

We skive them individually by hand, allowing us to achieve a feather edge on them, something no machine could ever do. This ensures that our heel stiffeners give you all the support you need without hurting the sensitive areas beneath your ankles and at the back of your heels.
Hand-Lasting Palola Shoes
"Lasting" refers to the process of wrapping the shoe uppers around the shoe lasts, giving the shoe its final shape.⁣

Each pair of Palola shoes is individually lasted by hand, one nail at a time, to ensure that our shoes fit consistently and wrap snugly around your feet like a second skin.⁣

​Although the process of lasting our shoes by hand takes us infinitely longer than if we were to use a machine, it allows us to achieve a seamless heel, a signature feature on all our shoes.
Made-To-Order Palola Ballet Flats
The lining, toe stiffener and upper for each pair of Palola shoes are lasted by hand, one layer a time, before a cork filler is added and the leather outsoles are attached.

​The cork filler provides cushioning to the wearer while allowing our shoes to remain breathable throughout the day.
Handcrafted Luxury Shoes by Palola
Discover our full range of Made-To-Order (MTO) and stock ballet flats, loafers, pumps and slides.