Smooth Leather Shoe Care Bundle

60 SGD 75 SGD

Our smooth leather shoe care bundle consists of 3 products that are essential to clean, nourish, and protect your smooth leather footwear:

  1. Famaco Raviv Cuir (Leather Revive) Cleaning Lotion (100ml)
  2. Famaco Creme De Beaute Shoe Cream (50ml) (Neutral Colour)
  3. Famaco Horse Hair Brush (15cm, Light Coloured Bristles)

Enjoy 20% off the regular retail price (r.r.p. S$75) of purchasing each item individually when you purchase our smooth leather shoe care bundle.

How to Use Your Smooth Leather Shoe Care Bundle

Step 1: CLEAN - Using a soft cloth, apply the cleaning lotion in small circular motions to remove minor stains from the surface of the leather.

Step 2: NOURISH, RECOLOUR & PROTECT - Using a soft cloth, apply the Creme De Beaute shoe cream in small circular motions to condition, recolour and protect the leather.

Step 3: SHINE - Using the horse hair brush, brush vigorously to remove any excess shoe cream that was not absorbed by leather, until a soft sheen appears on the surface of the leather.

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