Famaco Famacolor Dye Cream (15ml)

20 SGD

Famacolor is a dye cream giving complete coverage, by selection of a matching shade to renew and restore faded leather.


  • Clean the leathers to remove dirt and grease. We recommend the Famaco Eco Cleaning form.
  • Using a soft cloth, apply the Famacolor cream to the surface of the leather in small, circular motions
  • Allow the cream to dry for 15 minutes
  • Using the a clean soft cloth, buff to remove any excess dye cream that was not absorbed by the leather
  • Finally, for a complete finish, apply the Famaco Creme De Beaute to hydrate the leathers.
  • Allow Creme De beaute to dry for 15 minutes and buff vigorously until a soft sheen appears on the surface of the leather

Made in France

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