Famaco Suede Crepe Brush

30 SGD

Suede crepe brush, used to gently lift small amounts of dirt and dust from the surface of suede and nubuck, restoring the original 'nap' of the leather.


  • Using the crepe brush, gently brush the surface of the leather, focusing on the areas where there are visible dirt or dust
  • The dirt and dust will adhere to the surface of the crepe brush
  • Once the entire surface of the crepe brush is covered in dirt, it can no longer be used effectively and will need to be replaced

If more intensive cleaning of suede or nubuck is necessary, we recommend using the Famaco brass and horse hair bristle suede brush to remove heavy amounts of dirt and debris from the surface of the leather, followed by the Famaco Vel Vel suede shampoo to cleanse the leather and restore it to its original colour.

Made in France

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