Claudia en Nero y Zebra Hair-on

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Cada par de zapatos Palola se mantiene a mano y presenta una espalda sin costuras característica.

El 'Claudia' es un mocasín sin forro que está hecho con piel de becerro granulada ultra suave y resistente a las arrugas. La ausencia de forro de cuero y las propiedades únicas del cuero granulado lo convierten en uno de los pares de zapatos más cómodos que jamás usará.

Este par salta directamente del safari africano, con los estampados de cebra que hacen una declaración audaz para aquellos de ustedes que se atreven a dar un paseo por el lado salvaje.


  • Color: Nero y Zebra Hair-on
  • Último: 046
  • Forma de punta de almendra
  • Piel de becerro plena flor utilizada para la parte superior
  • Suela de cuero
  • Altura del tacón: 10 mm.
  • Palola footwear uses EU sizing (refer to size conversion chart).

  • Palola footwear is available in sizes EU 35 to EU 41, and half sizes are available as well.
  • Palola footwear fits true to size, so take the usual size that you wear on other European brands.
  • Palola footwear also fits the same across the various footwear types.
    Eg. if you are a size EU 37 on our ballet flats, you will be a size EU 37 on our loafers, pumps and slides.

Ladies Shoe Size Conversions

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UK sizing








US sizing








Palola shoes are made using full grain cowhide and lambskin imported from Italy and Spain.

While we take every effort to use only the best parts of each piece of leather to make our shoes, tiny blemishes, vein marks or textural variances may occasionally appear on some shoes.

These are all natural characteristics of leather and will not affect the structural integrity of the shoes.

Each pair of Palola shoe uppers is cut from the same piece of leather, to ensure that they are consistent in appearance, as well as in the way they feel on your feet. 


  • Caring for your Palola shoes will keep them looking pretty and prolong the lifespan of the shoes as they accompany you on life's adventures.
  • Fresh out of the box, wear them in gradually - not more than a few hours the first few times you wear them. Wearing them in gradually allows the leather to mould to the contours of your feet, becoming more comfortable with each wear.
  • Rotate your Palola shoes with other pairs of shoes, giving them at least a day to rest between each wear.
  • If your Palola shoes get wet, wipe them dry with an absorbent cloth and allow them to air-dry naturally.
  • Store your Palola shoes in a cool, dry and well-ventilated environment, away from direct sunlight.
  • Visit a cobbler to replace heel tops when they have worn out.


(A) Smooth Cowhide Leather

Your Palola shoes are made from full grain cowhide and will benefit from regular cleaning and conditioning that can be achieved in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe away any dirt and grime from the surface of the leather.

Step 2: With a soft cloth, apply the shoe cream in small amounts to the entire surface of the leather, using small, circular motions.

Step 3: Allow the shoe cream to be absorbed into the leather for 15 minutes, before vigorously brushing the shoes with a shoe brush to remove any residual cream left on the surface of the leather.

(B) Other Leathers

Patent leather

Use only a cleaning product specifically meant to clean patent leather, to avoid damaging the glossy surface. When storing patent shoes, ensure that the surface of the leather does not come into contact with other shoes to avoid any dye transfer.

Baby calf hair-on leather

Use a soft brush to brush off any dirt that gets trapped within the hairs.

Suede leather

Use only a protective spray specifically meant for suede leather. Be sure to reapply the protective spray at least once a month, or if your shoes get caught in the rain. A suede crepe brush can also be used to periodically remove dirt and dust.

Crocodile leather

Crocodile and other reptilian leathers are sensitive to water and are susceptible to water stains. Use only a product specifically meant for reptile skins when conditioning these delicate leathers. 

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